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Yeast Expression Service

Advanced Biomart’s yeast expression services utilize a proprietary yeast fermentation technology for high-yield and high-productivity protein production in yeast, by selecting stable and durable production yeast strains that resemble mammalian system the most. Yeast cells offer many of the advantages of producing proteins in microbes (growth speed, easy genetic manipulation, low cost media) while offering some of the attributes of higher eukaryotic systems (post translational modifications, secretory expression). Yeast expression system is one of the most economical eukaryotic expression system for scale up production of both secreted and intracellular proteins that require post-translational modifications.
Yeast can be grown to very high cell mass densities in well-defined medium. Recombinant proteins in yeast can be over-expressed so the product is secreted from the cell and available for recovery in the fermentation solution. Proteins secreted by yeasts are heavily glycosylated at consensus glycosylation sites. Thus, expression of recombinant proteins in yeast systems historically has been confined to proteins where post-translations glycosylation patterns do not affect the function of proteins.
Our yeast Expression service includes:

♦  Codon optimization, gene synthesis, and subcloning of your gene into yeast expression vectors.

♦  Transformation of Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Kluyveromyces lactis.

♦  Screening and strain creation.

♦  Expression evaluation and optimization.

♦  Pilot-scale protein expression and purification.

♦  Large-scale protein expression and purification (culture volume up to 500L).

♦  Process Development.
We provide nickel affinity purification by default. Ion exchange purification, size-exclusion chromatography, and hydrophobic chromatography are also available. You can also provide customized protocols to optimize your project.
Yeast Expression Services

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