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E. coli Protein Expression Services

Advanced Biomart has accumulated considerable experience and expertise in E.coli protein expression using our proprietary ECTM technology. E. coli protein expression is very common used in recombinant protein production. E. coli provides for a relatively simple, fast, inexpensive and robust system for native and heterologous recombinant protein production. Along with Advanced Biomart’s proprietary codon optimization tools, expression expertise, and powerful purification platform, we can guarantee protein amounts, purities and endotoxin levels at competitive prices.


Service Features:

High Efficiency: Our collection of more than ten host strains and various proprietary or non-proprietary vectors guarantees the selection of the most efficient expression system.

High Productivity: Multiple fusion tags and our proprietary technology are available in-house to increase protein solubility and production and to decrease purification cost, even for toxic proteins.

Refolding: We have established an effective protein refolding system consisting of 20 refolding buffers optimized with several parameters to increase the chances of obtaining soluble and bioactive proteins.

Large-Scale Production: We are able to produce up to 500L of E. coli cell culture for gram scale production.

Our Services:

• Subcloning/PCR Cloning

BPS will clone your insert into an expression vector.

• Expression Screening

The expression vector containing the gene of interest will be transformed into an expression strain of E. coli for protein production.

• Optimization of Expression

The expression of the recombinant protein can be optimized by several attamptions.

• Protein Characterization

A small-scale culture (10-100 ml) from one isolate of the strain producing the recombinant protein will be induced and the expressed protein will be characterized for cellular location, solubility, and accessibility of purification tags.

• Protein Production

Using shake flasks the strain expressing the recombinant protein can be scaled up between one and several liter volumes.

• Protein Purification

We offer a variety of services from inclusion body preparation to affinity column purification.

E.coli Expression Services

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