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Protein Detection & Identification

Welcome to our Protein Detection Services & Identification page! Advanced Biomart is committed to providing outstanding protein detection services for research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology enterprises. Our highly sophisticated technological platform, combined with state-of-the-art instrumentation, ensures that we deliver accurate, reliable, and high-throughput protein detection solutions for you. Our services include Western Blot, ELISA, SDS-PAGE, and various HPLC techniques such as HP-RPC, HP-SEC, HP-IEX, along with Light Scattering.

Key Features:

◆  High quality and rapid turnaround time
◆  Advanced technical capabilities
◆  Customized protein characterization platform
◆  Dedicated support from experienced scientists
◆  Cost effective
Our team of expert scientists will collaborate with you to provide personalized protein detection solutions based on your experimental design and research goals. Whether you are involved in basic research, drug development, or clinical diagnostics, we are dedicated to providing crucial protein analysis support for the success of your projects. Feel free to Contact Us anytime for more information about our Protein Detection Services.


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