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Rat Monoclonal Antibody Production
Advanced Biomart has developed a unique platform to develop high-affinity rat monoclonal antibodies.Compared with mouse antibodies, rat monoclonal antibodies offer several advantages over mouse antibodies.Rat monoclonal antibodies may have better specificity and affinity in certain applications. The rat immune system exhibits stronger reactivity to antigens, allowing for the generation of antibodies with higher affinity and greater specificity.Rat monoclonal antibodies typically have a longer serum half-life. This means that they circulate in the body for a longer period of time, potentially providing more sustained effects in therapeutic or diagnostic applications. Rat monoclonal antibodies may be more suitable for certain specific research areas and applications. For example, when studying rat models, the use of rat monoclonal antibodies can avoid cross-reactivity or specificity issues caused by species differences.

 We have optimized the entire rat monoclonal antibody development process to increase efficiency and probability of success. We guarantee the positive clones for monoclonal antibodies developed in rats.

Rat Monoclonal Antibody Production: One-Stop Services
 Rat Monoclonal Antibody Production
Key Features:
  • High affinity and specificity
  • Used for murine antigens
  • No special growth media required
  • Cost effective
  • Professional scientist
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