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Mammalian Expression Services


Advanced Biomart’s mammalian expression services provide fast production and delivery of high quality recombinant proteins using our proprietary MammalianHighTM technology. Recombinant protein production in mammalian system has been essential in advancing our understanding of the functional significance of genes. Transient expression in mammalian cells is especially crucial when post-translational modifications and appropriate protein folding is required for downstream applications. Our transient expression services offer rapid production and delivery of high quality proteins from microgram to gram quantities.

Even though many mammalian proteins have been successfully produced in bacteria, yeast, or insect cells, mammalian cell cultures are still the system of choice if mammalian-specific post-translation modifications are required. We conduct protein expression in mammalian cells via plasmid transient transfection, cell line establishment, retrovirus or lentivirus transduction, and recently introduced modified mRNA transfection. Also available are an array of cell lines that we have proven to be suitable for expression of different types of human or mouse proteins. We are able to use our fluorescent proteins and other expression tags for monitoring expression, or provide different drug-resistant genes if established cell lines are used for long term expression projects.
We use Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) and Human Embryonic Kidney 293 (HEK) as our primary cell lines for transient expression owing to the ease of handling, robust growth rates, excellent transfectability and high yield recombinant protein-generation capacity.

Mammalian Expression Service Includes:

►Transient Expression Services
►Stable Cell Line Development
Mammalian custom protein expression development template:

⇒  Bioinformatic analysis, domain selection and vector design
⇒  Construction of expression vectors
⇒  Cell transfection, selection, and cloning of target-expressing cells
⇒  Protein production and purification
⇒  Scale-up production and quality control test
Optional Services:

♦  Tag Removal
♦  Endotoxin Removal

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Mammalian Expression Services

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