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Protein Crystallization Service

Advanced Biomart has developed a unique and comprehensive protein crystallization platform that enables high-resolution structure determination through X-ray crystallography, addressing the bottleneck in drug target structure determination. X-ray crystallography is one of the most powerful techniques for determining protein structures and is a commonly used structural biology technique for determining the three-dimensional structures of proteins and other biomolecules.

With years of experience, Advanced Biomart provides a range of services from gene to crystal structure, including structure design, protein expression and purification, high-throughput screening of crystallization conditions, compound or fragment soaking, and structure determination.

Protein Crystallization Service includes:

►Crystallization condition screen
►X-ray diffraction data collection
►Co-crystallization of Protein-compound; Fragment screen by soaking or co-crystallization
►Determination of structure
Key Features of Protein Crystallization Service:

♦ High Quality
♦ Experienced Scientists
 Instruments: Refrigerated centrifugeCrystallization screening instrumentX-ray diffractometerX-ray generatorGoniometer
♦ Cost Effective
♦ Fast & Reliable


Steps Items Timeline Comments
1 Crystallization condition screen by Mosquito 3-9 weeks Commercial screen kits, Sparse matrix screen, 18 ℃ and 4 ℃
2 X-ray diffraction data collection at Synchrone 3-9 weeks Collected at SSRF weekly
3 A. Co-crystallization of Protein-compound
B. Fragment Screen by soaking or co-crystallization
3-9 weeks Binding affinity date of compounds with protein is crucial
4 Determination of structure TBD Phase solved by MR, SeMet or MIR

Protein Crystallization Service

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