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Product Name:Shigella Rapid Test Strip
Size: 20T
Sample: Stool
Intended use: The Rapid Shigella is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Shigella in stool samples in order to detect shigellosis in infected human.
Detection Principle: The Rapid Shigella is a qualitative lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of Shigella antigens in fecal samples. The membrane is pre-coated with monoclonal antibodies against Shigella antigens on the test line region. During testing, the sample react
Contents of Kit: 1. Cards 2. Specimen collection vials with buffer 3. Instructions for use
Sensitivity: >99% of sensitivity and >99% of specificity.
References: 1. B Matyas. MD, et al, “Preliminary FoodNet Data on the Incidence of Infection with Pathogens Transmitted Commonly Through Food —10 States, 2009”. MMWR; April 2010, Vol.16. No 14, p.418-422. 2. Shah M. Faruque. Et al, “Shigella dysenteriae Type 1-Specifi

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