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Novo™ Tn5 Index Kit for Illumina® Online Inquiry

Product Name:Novo™ Tn5 Index Kit for Illumina®
Description: Tn5 Index Kit for Illumina® contains primers that are ideally suited for multiplex sample preparation for next-generation sequencing. This kit contains 12 unique Index 1 (i7) Primers (N701-N712) and 8 unique Index 2 (i5) Primers (N501-N508) at the concentration of 10 µM. 96 uniquely dual-indexed samples can be prepared using this kit.
Stability: The Tn5 Index Kit is stable for up to 2 years at -20ºC.
Application: Specially suited for Tn5 DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina®, (ABTN5-002KT). Create up to 96 unique tagged sequencing libraries
Contents of Kit: Index 1 (i7) Primer; Index 2 (i5) Primer
Storage: Store the Tn5 Index Kit at -20ºC.

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