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FastAb™ Mouse Adjuvant Online Inquiry

Product Name:FastAb™ Mouse Adjuvant
Size: 1mL
Sample: Mouse
Intended use: Rapid production of mouse polyclonal antibodies and monoclonal antibodies
Key Features: 1. Fewer immunizations---Only 2 injections are necessary.2. Less immunogen required3. Rapid antibody production of higher antibody titers and affinity antibodies4. No destroy of natural antigen conformation5. No epitope competition from other proteins
Description: FastAb™ Mouse Adjuvant is a unique novel immunization adjuvant for the quick production of high titers monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in mice. The adjuvant is based on immunestimulatory CpG-DNA, which functions as an effective adjuvant for the induction of immune responses in mice. Compared with the conventional adjuvant in the market, FastAb™ Mouse Adjuvant is by far the most effective mouse immunization adjuvant.
Stability: The mouse adjuvant is stable for up to 12 months at 2-8ºC.
Storage: FastAb™ Mouse Adjuvant is shipped at ambient temperature and stored mouse adjuvant at 2-8ºC (Do not freeze!).

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