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Trypanosoma cruzi IgG ELISA Kit Online Inquiry

Product Name:Trypanosoma cruzi IgG ELISA Kit
Synonym: Trypanosoma cruzi; Eukarya; Excavata; Euglenozoa; Kinetoplastida; Trypanosomatida; Trypanosoma; T. cruzi
Size: 96T
Sample: human serum
Intended use: in vitro diagnosis
Gene Introduction: Trypanosoma cruzi is a species of parasitic euglenoid trypanosomes. This species causes the trypanosomiasis diseases in humans and animals in America. Transmission occurs when the reduviid bug deposits feces on the skin surface and subsequently bites; the human host then scratches the bite area, which facilitates penetration of the infected feces.Human American trypanosomiasis, or Chagas disease, has two forms, a trypomastigote found in human blood and an amastigote found in tissues. The acute form usually goes unnoticed and may present as a localized swelling at the site of entry. The chronic form may develop 10 to 20 years after infection. This form affects internal organs (e.g., the heart, the esophagus, the colon, and the peripheral nervous system). Affected people may die from heart failure.Acute cases are treated with nifurtimox and benznidazole, but there is currently no effective therapy for chronic cases.
Species Reactivity: parasite
Application: quantitative
Usage: For Lab Research Use Only
Detection Principle: I-ELISA
Storage: Unopened Kit: Store at 2 - 8°C. Do not use past kit expiration date. Opened/Reconstituted Reagents: TMB Solution A; TMB Solution B; TMB Stop Solution; Wash Buffer; HRP-conjugate antibody The above mentioned reagents should be stored for up to 1 month at 2 - 8°C. Microplate Wells: Return unused wells to the foil pouch containing the desiccant pack, reseal along entire edge of zip-seal. May be stored for up to 1 month at 2 - 8°C.

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