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Mouse Leukotriene C4 ELISA Kit Online Inquiry

Product Name:Mouse Leukotriene C4 ELISA Kit
Synonym: LTC4 EIA Kit
Size: 96T
Sample: Cell culture supernatants, Other biological fluids, Plasma, Serum
Usage: For Research Use Only
Detection Principle: This experiment use double-sandwich elisa technique and the ELISA Kit provided is typical. The pre-coated antibody is Mouse LTC4 monoclonal antibody and the detecting antibody is polyclonal antibody with biotin labeled. Samples and biotin labeling antibody are added into ELISA plate wells and washed
Detection Range: 10 ng/ml-0.156 ng/ml
Sensitivity: The minimum detectable Mouse LTC4 up to 0.05 ng/ml.
Storage: Store the ELISA kit at -20℃ [Short-term should be placed 4℃(such as two weeks)]

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